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Bill Stanleys Observations

Recently, while changing into my hockey equipment at the local rink in preparation for a little "sticktime", I was amazed at the comments of many of the younger players regarding the administration's foreign policy.

There were echoes of many of the third world countries and and
some of our European "allies" charging the USA of empire building and being a bully. My first reaction to this was to question " how can a person born and reared in this country think that way?"

Those of us who
received ,at least, a high school education before the mid 1960s would be somewhat perplexed by this. 

However, when we examine what took place
in the public school system after that period where high school students learn very little about history, and most history/political science courses are taught by the left wing, liberals who are still trying to rationalize and justify their avoidance of service to their county, its not difficult to understand their distorted view of our foreign policy...and, in fact, the values on which our nation was founded. 

The following speech offers an insight into these values and worth reading. For those of you who don't care, delete it...and live happily ever after...