Georgia Chapter
of the
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association



On Labor Day 2002 American Legion Post 201 of Alpharetta, GA dedicated a
UH-1H which flew in Vietnam from 1968 till 1971.  One of our own, Terry Garlock was
requested to speak at the dedication.  The title for his talk was "Common Virtue " where
Terry describes that others
may look at this restored aircraft and see just an old retired
helicopter.  But not me.   I see what’s best about America.   This aircraft and crew were
asked to perform a "Medivac" into the Hue Citadel during Tet of 68.  The aircraft
commander was awarded the "Congressional Medal of Honor" for that particular
mission.  The aircraft flew in Vietnam from 68 -71 and was retired from active service
in 2000 having flown in Italy and Ethiopia.